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Sep 5, 2010 6:30pm EDT
sÓlo el principio de lo que se pronostica como severo invierno.not i-fin de semnot une noun i-fin emnot uni-fin de semo t uni-s Úde semnot uni-fin de s cuando se vino el alud.not uni- habÍan alertado, la tragedia no se pude evitar. el miedo y tristeza se apoderÓ de la gente de este pueblo. >> la gente pala, utilizaron para rescatar personas con vida. >> es un invierno severo. estÁ afectando a los cerros. ya no es la cantidad de agua que cae sino la que hay. un poquito de agua y los desmorona. >> los cuerpos de rescate continÚan su labor mientras las lluvias coemÚan amenazando este sector. sem t uni- noi-fin uni-fi semt uni- >> mÁuni-fiadelante conocerán o Ángulo de esta noticia.t uni-de los que han huÍdo de este país y piden la a protecciÓn tempoopral qnorse aqi-fin de seo inundaciones, las autoridades decretaron alerta naranja. segÚn alertÓ el servicio meteorolÓgico nacional de mÉxico para este domingo se esperan fuertes precipitaciones a causa de una depresiÓn tropical. >> el presidente del h@uni-filvn dijo hoy que not unn de snot no sobreviviente de la masacre
Sep 18, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. words. >> the word "vim" means liveliness, energy, vigor. so it's a noun. >> reporter: their songs aren't just a lyrical vocabulary list. they use a story to relate words to their definitions. ♪ the odor's so pungent you can smell it down the block ♪ ♪ putrid, rancid and rotten ♪ i had forsaken and forgotten >> reporter: alex and blake tour schools around the country. but they don't just teach, they encourage students to write their own vocab-building rhymes. ♪ you got no energy, vim, passed out like a ♪ >> it actually helped me get through the s.a.t. because it was kind of tough the first time. >> reporter: flocabulary isn't only about words. alex and blake have a new chapter in this hip-hop saga. now they're using it to help teach history. ♪ this was the winter 1773 ♪ and the british had a monopoly on selling tea ♪ >> in the same way that we remember when columbus sailed the ocean blue, 1492, but we don't remember when the pilgrims landed. it's like hey, how about just write a rhyme about when the pilgrims landed and you'll remember. >> the pilgrims came to this
Sep 16, 2010 11:30pm PDT
glazing? >> glass is the noun, glazing is the verb and a glazer is the person that puts in the glass who glazes the glass. so glass is just the term for any one of these products, are glass. glazing is the process of putting in that glass, and you would put it in sometimes what people would call a glaze or putty. that's -- and -- the a archaic name of the man that puts it in is glazer. >> is there a way to create a more effective glass without the air-space issue? >> what happens is that air-space in between does not transmit heat because the two -- the inside and outside pieces of glass are not touching. >> the lamination is actually an insulation? >> it's not. if you put a piece of plastic in between those two pieces of glass, essentially the heat goes right on through and so does the cold. >> and so does noise by the way. >> i'm talking more about having a thermal break like some window companies have a thermal break in their system so there's outside and inside aluminum. >> the thermal break is plastic that they use in those windows but it doesn't give you the same performa
Sep 12, 2010 11:30am EDT
art painted on a wall? is it an adjective that means lasting only a short time? or a noun that means the generic name of a pain relief medicine? the answer is -- lasting only a short time. this game of "word" is ephemeral, but the lessons last a lifetime. we hope. let's try this one. irrigate. it's a verb. maybe it means to annoy constantly? or it could mean to make wet or supply with water? or it means to drill with a rotating tool? ouch! no, irrigate is a nice verb. it means to make wet or supply with water. farmers irrigate their land so crops will grow. now let's try this -- superfluous. it's an adjective that means either beyond what is necessary? extremely graceful? or being really, really sick with the flu? superfluous means beyond what is necessary. just your thanks for this game of "word" is enough. anything more would be superfluous. but i'll take it anyway. ephemeral -- lasting only a short time. irrigate -- to supply with water. superfluous -- beyond what is necessary. that's "word!" for "kids news." >>> it's one of the biggest concerts of the year, z-100's zootopia
Sep 11, 2010 1:30am PDT
as a verb, but not as a noun. gwen: stimulate but not a stimulus. >> could you argue that it has become a prajortive. i can remember in mid 2009 when the republicans were already making headway, even as the economy looked and was growing more than it is now. the republicans had the americans believing this is a big, $800 billion in spending instead of 1/3 in tax cuts. i remember a democrat saying to me, only the democrats could pass the biggest middle class tax cut in history and have it be called a spending bill. gwen: isn't that some of the frustration among some democrats? even today when the president was asked the questions like this, he gives nuance thoughtful answers but they're not something he can take out and throw like a piece of red meat. >> but the base problem the president has is his strongest argument is it could have been worse. he talked today in the press conference, we would have had a depression if we hadn't done all these things. as barny frank said, house financial services committee chairman, god's gift to economics reporters, because he's the only one who
FOX News
Sep 22, 2010 3:00am EDT
. what is different noun -- now than a couple years ago? >> if you think about it long enough, you get the impression we have a different president who is in new york to talk to hi friends at the united nations and further the impression we are getting weaker. >> are we really weaker though? we talk about our perception, but are we really weaker? we can still bomb everybody. >> it would help to have an economy. that is usually a basis for strength in the world. the way the president is reducing our defense budget and reducing our commitments around the world, i don't think there is much question we are weaker and likely to get more so. >> rob, this is your first question ever on "red eye" so no pressure. >> okay. >> do you believe we are weaker? >> well, i guess i'm practical. you can blow a lot of things up, then you are strong. we make more things than anyone combined. we are making more things to blowup other things. for all of the talk, obama, we are still in afghanistan, he redoubled our efforts there. we are still water boarding people left and right, i hope. he is all talk,
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 3:00am EDT
. >> that was all one word, by the way. german is an odd lange welling. come -- language. compound nouns. the bush administration was market oriented. >> the bush administration -- the bush tax cuts, and they are pondering if they will extend them. how did you get those bruises on your back? >> don't act like you don't know. >> you are the taker. >> felix, you said you weren't invited in. it is just hitler declared war. he cor jill ledee claireed -- he cordially declared war, so it would be rude for us not to attack. craig, i like are yo we are exchanging an american dream for a tragedy. >> i kept that and i wanted to use it and everybody looked at me like i had the plague. >> you had a little look of pride on your face. i actually felt bad for you. >> i appreciate this pathetic sympathy you have for me right now. >> it was a good line. >> it is true. >> this country is drinking and smoking more. >> it didn't stop you from going blind. that's a myth. >> i was going blind. actually it restored my sight when i was 5. >> you don't still use the nhs, do you? >> do you still use the nhs? >> w
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
on the noun side of the highway. a head-on collision occurred had with only one lane squeezing by. traveling south on 270, the delays that held you up southbound out of urbana, have moved south. now, it is gridlocked out of hyattstown. downtown on the freeway, overfight construction still in place westbound nearating street in southeast. rough pavement there. a couple of people on both sides of the road with flat tires. traffic is jammed right now. we have reports that alabama avenue at branch avenue, that intersection is tied up because of a crash. traveling inbound along 66 at waples mill just east of fair oaks delays here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we continue to track hurricane earl this morning. he is not expected to make a direct hit on the east coast. >> but there are still some concerns that the core of that storm could shift a little bit close are to the shoreline. sherry ly has a look at how things are out there on the eastern shore. got to tell you, it is beautiful out there this morning from the pictures we are seeing. >> it's beautiful nice but
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
when you say democrat party. that's a noun. listen to your tough ad running now on christian radio. >> as a christian and a mom, i'm worried that morality is slipping away in our country. i've read that congressional candidate ben quayle helped create one of the mostç offense websites i've ever seen, a site that promotes drugs and prostitution is, filled with meanness and foul language, humiliates women and mocks people with down's syndrome. please tell me there are some things we can say no to, even in today's society. >> i'm john hulburt. i'm a father of five. i approve this message because i believe we can do better. >> did he really have a role in mocking people born with down's syndrome? >> he absolutely had a role in this website. the owner of it has said if it were not for ben quayle or what he called brock landers there would be no the those are his words, not mine. >> do you think you would say this is the thinking of ben quayle, the son of the former vp that he believes in this kind of derision of people born with special needs and handicapped people? would y
Sep 21, 2010 9:00am EDT
heard about this press conference he had, and i've noun him for 34 years, and i knew exactly what happened. i'm not young and he's a couple years older than i am and he was tired and frustrated and he said something he regretted and the next day he went out and apologized for it. >> clinton hits the trail for jerry brown and his running mate who clinton originally endorsed when he was still in the governor's race, san francisco's mayor, gavin newsom. and savannah, if it's tuesday, somebody's voting somewhere, and that somewhere, gearheart, oregon, they're voting on whether to raise taxes to build their own water facility. so we'll find out. >> interesting. always watch those tax-raising votes. >> you never know on the tax raising. >> chuck, thanks. >>> coming up, that federal health care legislation is kicking in this week. now "consumer reports" weighs in. >>> plus, dialing a disaster. the distracted driving epidemic and the crackdown from washington that's coming. >>> and bedbugs beware! with these nasty blood suckers popping up everywhere, the experts converge near chicago to d
Sep 27, 2010 2:00pm EDT
challenge but we have a huge opportunity. we're so pleased to hay nouns a new national campaign to recruit the next generation of teachers into education. why is it so important? two facts. we have a baby boomer generation moving towards retirement over the next five, six, seven years we anticipate as many as a million teachers retiring. our ability to retract and retain great talent will reshape public education. it is a generational shift. we're going to pull out all the stops and travel the country to help bring in the new generation of talent. we've launch ad new website. they'll have an explanation of what it takes to become a teacher. there are a couple thousand teaching jobs available today. many individual celebrities even giving testimonials about what their great teachers did in their lives. second as a country what we're doing now isn't good enough. two quick statistics. first, we lose almost a million students each year from our high schools to a streets. a dropout rate that is staggeringly high. everyone today knows if you drop out of high school, you are basically condemned t
Sep 3, 2010 6:30pm EDT
forward. it is and noun how much thought went into the proposal for the budget for -- is unknown how much thought went into the proposal for the budget for 2011. this leads to one of the conclusions -- one to the conclusion that this proposal was most likely formulated in haste with in the office of management and budget with little or with no input. by his own admission in previous testimony, the nasa administrator, or a senior nasa management, and if that were the case, the originators were quite likely promoting their own agenda rather than america's commitment to space exploration. this is not an entitlement. it is an investment in the future, in technology, jobs, world leadership, and perhaps most importantly, in the inspiration and education of our youth. you asked how much of the budget has gone into education. the inspiration for our youth came when neil armstrong walked on in the man -- walked on the moon. it is a freebie. the people at nasa did not join the team to design windmills', but to take us where no one has gone before. the american space flight program has come up
Sep 30, 2010 7:00am PDT
social network in the world built around one quirky noun, the tweet. no, no, not that a text-based message consistsing of 140 characters or less. when someone tweets, they become part of a global conversation and since there are no limits on what you can say, twitter has become the ultimate soap box. more than 100 million people worldwide use twitter, including some unlikely participants. however none have embraced the trend like she and other stars use the site to speak directly to their fans anytime, anywhere. >> cuts out the middleman and the publicist, true unfiltered celebrity. >> recently ashton cusp ter sweeted against allegations he cheated on wife demi moore. embattled actress lindsay lohan confessed to the world she relapsed in her struggle with addiction. i did, in fact, fail my most recent drug test, she tweeted. perhaps in an attempt to beat the press by leaking her own gossip. this hip-hop star only needed 17 of 140 characters to say i'm sorry to singer taylor swift for his behavior at last year's video music awards. >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you f
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 9:00am EDT
. there's noun on the ballot in philadelphia in respect to a congressional candidate. sestak is from the seventh, north and outside manchester county so there's not a machine energized in the philadelphia inner city. that's not good news for theand is one of the reasons that pat is leading. bill: richard? >> i apologize about that. i'm out of time, but i want to get richard one last comment. what about the way that phil is analyzing that, do you see it the same way? >> pat has run a campaign that's -- his message is swift, and the fact that he's not known statewide and that he's only six points behind is actually something where he's very much in this game and the fact, there's 1.3 million more democrats than republicans in pennsylvania. could be a value -- salvation. he was way behind specter in this campaign and beat him rather handily. bill: i pushed both of you gentlemen, i apologize about that. thank you, gentlemen. fox, a lot more polling numbers, state by state. check it out now. martha. martha: thanks bill. well, president obama, going back to school. but there's a c
Sep 22, 2010 1:00pm EDT
it's a noun rather than a verb. i would have called you the explainer, but the explanation. >> did you see your boy, the situation dance the other night? >> i did see him. >> and? >> yeah. >> we can move on. >> all right, buddy. good to see you as always. josh levs "the explanation." >>> should the ultrawealthy be giving away half their fortunes? melinda gates says she thinks so and she says she's going to keep asking them until they do it. we're going to hear from her in a minute. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stability of the leading community bank in the nation and with 12,000 atms and thousan
Sep 17, 2010 1:00pm EDT
little word play. this one is a proper noun. the emphasis on proper. it's a place the pope made history today. a place no pope has gone before. we're talking westminster. but, you have been to london, you have been to westminster. britain's parliament. it's the name of the section of london where you find westminster palace and abbi. on this side of the pond where do you hear westminster all the time? the dog show. it's minster, it's not minister. it's the word play for the day. >>> you know him and know him well. yankee shortstop. he's won so many awards. now, some are saying another award he should win is the oscar. why are some calling derek jeter a cheater? it's uncalled for. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> derek jeter the cheater. say
Sep 17, 2010 9:00am EDT
delaware, jim demint, of course, one of her earliest supporters, has an nouned that his political action committee has raised $144,000 for her campaign. he says that is the limit thatle national republican party should be able to give, but they are not. in his statement, he really took a shot at his own leadership saying despite what beltway pundits think, americans think christine can and should win. cnn has learned that oncornyn, the head of the national republican senatorial committee will meet with christine o'donnell here in washington today. next up, a conversation i had with senator olympia snow, one of the moderates in the senate. she says that moderates cannot be endangered. if you want to be a majority party, ideological purity is 100% utopian and i don't know anyone who lives in a utopia. she does not believe that the party is going in the right way to get the majority. >>> we will have your next political update in about an hour. for the late of the political news, go to ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends billions of d
Sep 21, 2010 7:00am PDT
name differently then the one who died. the deseesed shawn barlow was a well noun district attorney and city council candidate. >> they are obviously investigating that. >>> a savage attack has put the son of a legendary soul singer in the hospital. >> bart is looking for new ways to raise bucks and riders may see new sights and sounds their way to work. >>> all of a sudden we're getting busy traffic on almost every bay area corridor. we'll tell you where the real trouble spots are straight ahead. life leaves spaces for you to create in, shouldn't your card do the same? it can. meet zync from american express. it's a great way to get more out of the things you're into. build yours to fit your life by adding packs filled with bundles of rewards and benefits. it's not just a card. it's your canvas. create yours at >>> welcome back. good morning, to you. time now 7:22. the son of music legend aretha franklin is undergoing surgery after being severely beaten. eddie franklin was severely attacked by three men. no one has been arrested and no motive. eddie franklin is a gospel s
Sep 20, 2010 2:00am EDT
. and an experienced kentucky politician would have noun that and wouldn't have -- they he then had to apologize to a church. in a larger sense, one issue that's going to play big on a local level in kentucky is the drug issue. there is a serious problem with drugs in rural parts of kentucky and youth who get who take too many of the drugs. rand paul has said that's -- that should be under local control and that the federal government doesn't play a role in that. the opponent has taken a hard line against rand paul on this. his big accomplishments in office have all been about reducing the use of drugs in rural kentucky. he has been able to take rand paul's statements about the federal government shouldn't have control over drug issues in rural kentucky and use that very effectively to drive a wedge between rand paul and kentucky voters. we'll see if that's going to be a big factor come election day. i think rand paul's race is the sort of the bell weather in kentucky polls close first on election night. we'll get to see where the votes are coming from. if rand paul is able to win,
Sep 27, 2010 1:00pm EDT
governor up there, he an noun nounsed, that's it. i'm dropping my bid. guess what, lazio won the conservative party nomination so technically still on the ballot. but today he said, that's it, no mas. the democratic nominee, the attorney general in new york state, andrew cuomo, we're going to keep our eye thons cs on thi contest. >>> let's talk about a hot political contest in god's country. i know john king would back me up in that. the governor's race is neck and neck. governor gave a very close ally of president obama, statistical statistically, in a new boston globe/unh poll is running neck and neck with charlie baker. very far back. so it looks like it's a neck and neck race right now between the democrat and republican of massachusetts. ali, again, if we're talking about in trouble in massachusetts it just shows you how bad it is for democrats potentially around the country. ali? >> it does show you there are lots and lots of interesting races here. everybody thinking that the midterms is what people don't way attention to. there are going to be interesting races. the two o
Sep 19, 2010 7:00am EDT
would have noun that and wouldn't have -- they he then had to apologize to a church. in a larger sense, one issue that's going to play big on a local level in kentucky is the drug issue. there is a serious problem with drugs in rural parts of kentucky and youth who get who take too many of the drugs. rand paul has said that's -- that should be under local control and that the federal government doesn't play a role in that. the opponent has taken a hard line against rand paul on this. his big accomplishments in office have all been about reducing the use of drugs in rural kentucky. he has been able to take rand paul's statements about the federal government shouldn't have control over drug issues in rural kentucky and use that very effectively to drive a wedge between rand paul and kentucky voters. we'll see if that's going to be a big factor come election day. i think rand paul's race is the sort of the bell weather in kentucky polls close first on election night. we'll get to see where the votes are coming from. if rand paul is able to win, then i think the tea party movement an
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
, hospitals and museums. a cultural beacon whose centerpiece was a grand intellectual bizarre noun as the house of wisdom. in modern times iraq has faced hardships most nations cannot fathom, but it is blessed with vast national bounty, natural resources and the wisdom of the ages lives on in the people here in iraq, educated, adaptive and above all resilient people. this inevitable store of natural wealth are the tools that can now forge a secure an prosperous future for the people of iraq. and god willing, you're on the path to fulfill that promise again. we are proud to be your partner. thank you all. may god bless you all. and may god protect our troops. >> vice president joe biden speaking at a change of command ceremony in baghdad. he said the united states on track to remove its troops at the end of next year, 2011. also saying the darkest days are now behind iraq. nor norah o'donnell, pretty powerful visuals from the obama administration over the last two weeks. richard engle was passing through the kuwait border there with the troops, and now vice president biden turning over the
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
philadelphia's 30th street station, too nouns it with pomp and circumstance. >> 2040. now. happy days are here again. >> and from 162 minutes to 96 minutes if, you know it happens. >> that's worth waiting 30 years for. and that's a big if. that's a big if. capital, stars, bold. >> erin -- >> i'm sorry. sometimes you have to call it out. that's ridiculous. >> thank you so much, erin burnett. >>> coming up next, the interview heard round the world, willie. >> oh, wow. >> levi johnston didn't know what he was getting himself into last night. he sat down across the table from lawrence o'donnell. lawrence had the last word. levi didn't have a whole lot of words. >>> australia's top model. i'm sure you have been following closely. she makes a dramatic announcement. but there was a problem. a very -- >> she's so pretty, what? >> a very large problem. >> plus, more with bob woodward. >> she's so happy. what could go wrong? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 absolutely. i mean, these financial services companies tdd# 1-800-345-2550 are still talking about retirement tdd# 1-800-345-2550 like it's some kind of dre
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)